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Heartsaver® First Aid Course

Course Description
The Heartsaver First Aid is a classroom course that is designed to meet OSHA regulations.  The course teaches basic first aid skills such as, stopping bleeding that can be seen, helping someone with a possible broken bone or sprain, allergic reactions, burns, someone experiencing a stroke or heart attack, shock, amputations, eye injuries, choking, seizures, and head neck and spine injuries.

The course is designed to teach basic first aid to all lay rescuers, particularly those who are expected to respond to emergencies in the workplace. Although the course may be used to teach first aid to all lay rescuers, it is also designed for lay rescuers who are required to obtain a course completion card documenting completion of a first aid course.   

Intended Audience

Community: Any person who wants to learn basic first aid.  Individuals seeking credentialed training for job or regulatory requirements.

Workplace: Designed for employee training at companies, corporations, businesses or other entities. For employees and/or designated first responders who have a duty to respond to medical emergencies and injury emergencies because of job responsibilities or regulatory requirements. Participants include security guards, personal trainers, and office managers.

Card Type: Course Completion Card valid for two years

Cost*: $ 35.00