This is a very professional class. Tom is an excellent instructor and makes learning fun. This is my 3rd renewal!
Susan VanBeuge, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, CNE, FAANP/UNLV Assistant Professor & DNP Program Coordinator 

This is an outstanding class. Well paced & very thorough! I love all the hands on time. Convenient class times. Great job.
Amy Ragnone, MSN, MA, RN/College of Southern Nevada Nursing Professor

Tom is a great instructor. I can't count the number of courses in BLS that I have taken over the years and yet today I learned things I had never learned before. This is my third time taking the course. I'll be back in 2 years.
Joanne Graitge, BSHA, RN/College of Southern Nevada Nursing Instructor 

The instructor really cares that the students learn from the class.
Mary Ann Garcia, MHA, BSN, RN/Kaplan College Nursing Instructor

I like the combination of video, teaching, and hands on. I liked the instructor's zeal for the subject. It inspires me to give this course as a gift to my grown children. Third time taking this course. I'm still learning after 49 years as an RN.
Ann Corcran, BS, RN/College of Southern Nevada Nursing Instructor 

Outstanding course with the most updated information. It's true, if you don't use it, you loose it, well I forgot some things and this course brought it all back. This is my 3rd time here. They sent me a reminder email that I was needing to recert. Third time around was just as good! I wouldn't go anywhere else for my CPR card. Tom makes it fun and time goes by fast!
Susan Growe, DNP, MSN/Ed, RN,/Lecturer and Core Block Coordinator Nevada State College Nursing Program

I thought this was the best CPR class I have ever taken! Very interesting and informative! This was my 2nd time taking this course here & I highly recommend it for ALL Healthcare Providers. Excellent teaching plus summarizing of key points and the equipment is awesome.
Dianne Cyrkiel, MSN, RN, CPNP/UNLV Lecturer & Clinical Instructor

Tom provided an exciting class with great demonstrations of all techniques. He kept all the learners engaged in an active learning environment.
Jennifer Pfannes, BSN, RN, CPN/UNLV Nursing Student Success Facilitator

2nd time here, Tom is very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject. He made the learning experience interesting as well as informative. As an instructor myself I highly recommend taking this course. Great Job!
Daniel Hering, RN, BSN, FNP/College of Southern Nevada Nursing Instructor 

I've been to Prism several times over the past few years for BLS & ACLS and highly recommend them. Tom and John are very thorough. Very efficent class. Taught by standards and was still interesting.
Mary Ann Kidwell MS, PA-C/Touro University Instructor

This course was extremely well put together. The convenience and cost could not be beat. Tom was fantastic. He treated us as professionals yet still managed to address the varied skill levels and experience in the class. Thank you!
Stephanie Trueblood, MSN, BSN, RN/ National University Faculty

This course was presented in a very organized manner and the instructor demonstrated expertise on the subject. This was my 2nd time here. As far as I'm concerned, it's the best school for CPR training.
Junji Navarro, ANP, BC/College of Southern Nevada Nursing Instructor 

Instructor was very engaging in his delivery of the material. He used many student friendly activities to hold the attention of his audience. I would recommend this course.
Juliana Morone /Roseman University Nursing Instructor

The instructor made the class time interesting and also gave clear information to students.
Vivian Galoway, MA, /Kaplan College Nursing Instructor

Excellent refresher course for me. Tom went step by step on the new AHA guidelines, he was very clear & organized. He provided the students hands on experience & shared realistic life experience. I highly recommend this course at Prism. This is my second time attending Prism CPR class. Overall the class is amazing! I'll recommend this class to fellow faculty, colleagues & nursing students.
Alona D. Angosta, PhD, APN, FNP, NP-C/UNLV Assistant Professor 

Great class! Tom Emphasized the critical actions to be done to save lives with CPR! Delivers the class saving me time and money without sacrificing quality. This is the only CPR class where I get the most practice to remember the skills when I may need it.
Ludy Llasus, PhD, RN, APN, NP-c/Director of Pre-Licensure Programs and Assistant Professor Nevada State College

Excellent training & highly recommended. Information current, presentation kept attention of audience, class size conducive to learning. Perfect for persons entering into Health Care profession. Thank you Prism! Repeat customer to BLS course. 
Diane Delucia-Stein/College of Southern Nevada Nursing Instructor

Tom is a great instructor, makes it interactive and fun. You can tell he is passionate about the class and ensuring we are well prepared. Class was very interactive. His stories added the importance of knowing the material well and made it real. Thanks for covering the content in a reasonable time frame!!
Cheryl Perna, MSN, RN/UNLV Lecturer & BSN Undergraduate Coordinator 

This is my second time taking the class with John. The instructor was knowledgeable and professional. The class was very enjoyable and I will continue to do my training here.
Deborah Ain, RN/College of Southern Nevada Nursing Instructor

The Best CPR class I have attended in my 20+ years in nursing. The instructor makes the material interesting and fun.
Jama Ward, RN, MSN/Ed/College of Southern Nevada Nursing Instructor

I loved the cleanliness of all the equipment. The course was interesting and kept my attention. Tom is a wonderful teacher and I'll definitely come back to renew my CPR when it is due again. I loved the way Tom remembered everyone's name, impressive!
Martha La Barr, RN, MN, MSW/College of Southern Nevada Nursing Instructor

When it was time to renew my CPR, I knew there was only one place I would go to re-certify and that was with Tom at Prism. My 2nd time thru the course did not disappoint. I have taken and taught numerous CPR courses over the years and I can truly say that this class was one of the best I have taken. 
Tom is effective and efficient with course content and the equipment is top notch. Overall, a fantastic experience!
LaTricia Perry, MSN, RN/Lecturer and Specialty Block Coordinator Nevada State College

This course exceeded my expectations. I have attended different courses throughout the city, and this is the first course that captivated me the entire time. The instructor was animated and knowledgeable. I definitely recommend this course. This is my 2nd time here.
Michael Johnson, MSN, RN/UNLV Lecturer & Clinical Instructor

Program was detailed and provided hands on training. Instructor was knowledgeable with a sense of humor. This is my 2nd time here.
Deborah Wonderly /Roseman University Nursing Instructor

Tom is very personable. His teaching techniques are professional as well as interesting and thorough. There was no wasted time areas so the class moved quickly. He is the best CPR instructor I have had in several     years. Thank you.
Joanne Miller, RN/College of Southern Nevada Nursing Instructor

The hand-on, group participation, and visual methods of teaching used in the course allowed participants to easily learn CPR in a manageable fashion. Key concepts of CPR were highlighted and stressed by the instructor. A very enjoyable CPR course with a low stress level for participants.
Patricia Simmers, MSNed, RN, OCN/College of Southern Nevada Pediatric Course Co-Coordinator

Excellent class! Great remembering students names - great review and covered material well.
Cheryl Carberg, DNP, RN, FNP-c, IBCLC/Lecturer Nevada State College Nursing Program

Tom was concise but included all the necessary information. The combination of video, explanation and practice followed logically without confusion. I will continue to recommend Prism for anyone's CPR needs.
Deborah Ulman, AAS, ADN, BA, MS/College of Southern Nevada Mental Health Nursing Instructor

Very good presentation of information. Nice use of varied media. Great pace and organization.
Cris Aquilar/College of Southern Nevada Surgical Technology Instructor

Tom is a terrific instructor who delivers the information in an efficient and effective manner. The skills demonstration and practice were both fun and encouraged easy learning. The class was wonderful.
Carolyn Sabo, RN, EdD, CNE/UNLV Professor & DNP Program Coordinator

Loved the speed & thoroughness of the course. Lots of repetition to make key points stick. Best CPR class ever taken!
Sue Owensby RN, PhD/Lecturer Nevada State College Nursing Program

Tom is an excellent instructor. He utilizes proven methods of learning to assist the student to understand & remember detail, oriented course content. I thoroughly enjoyed his class.
Bonita 'Bonnie' Carlisle, MS, RN/College of Southern Nevada Nursing Instructor

Willing to review material as needed. Gave real life experiences. Allowed for additional practice if requested. Cost friendly.
Laura Martin, MSN, RN/College of Southern Nevada Nursing Professor

Tom is an excellent instructor. He makes it fun and easy to learn. It is a non-intimidating environment. This is my 3rd time to take the class. And I plan on taking it again in the future.
Ron Gonzalez, RN/College of Southern Nevada Nursing Professor

I feel that Tom was "the best" instructor for the CPR class. He was clear and very through with class instruction.
Maria Theresa Dabu, MSN, RNC, RN/Lecturer Nevada State College Nursing Program

3rd time. Tom is still great. Really cares about his students. Passionate about what he teaches. Does all he can to be the best!
Janelle Willis, MSN, RN, FNP-C/UNLV Lecturer & Clinical Instructor

Very thorough and easy to understand. The best CPR class I've ever attended. Thanks!
Donna Cowling, MSN, RN/College of Southern Nevada Nursing Instructor

The class was wonderful, fun, along with learning important information. Tom is a great instructor. And I love taking his class. Very done to earth.
Sherri Lindsey, RN/College of Southern Nevada Nursing Instructor

Great teaching techniques. Explained CPR the way it should be. Hands on encouraged. Great personality. Know his stuff. Great learning experience.
Emelda Jones, BSN, RN/College of Southern Nevada Nursing Instructor

Highly recommended! The nonthreatening environment made learning the techniques a lot easier.
Victor Vapor, MSN, RN, CCRN, CNRN/UNLV Lecturer & Clinical Instructor

Great class & great instructor. Prism Was able to provide a class that met my work schedule on a very short notice. 
Belinda Hobson, RN/College of Southern Nevada Nursing Professor

The class was awesome! Tom is entertaining and very good with making sure everyone knows the information and the skills to be successful. Would highly recommend this class to nursing students who need CPR!
Patricia Gatlin, PhD, RN, CNE/UNLV Assistant Professor 

Great job. Best CPR course I have been to.
Michael Duboff, DMD/UNLV Clinical Instructor

My second time here and again the course instructor utilized all suggested techniques to enhance learning-questioning,scenarios, personal stories,etc-very engaging! My complements for the knee pads!
Kathleen Mohn/College of Southern Nevada Nursing Instructor

This course was great! Tom made it interesting and fun. He was very knowledgeable & professional.
Barbara Kraus, MSN, RN, CPNP/College of Southern Nevada Nursing Professor

Tom is a great teacher, his passion for what he is teaching makes what might be a dull topic interesting and meaningful.
Keivn M. Gulliver, MSN, RN-BC, CNE/UNLV Lecturer & Clinical Instructor

Best CPR class ever, informative, fun and interesting.
Roxanne Ferrando, RN, PT/College of Southern Nevada Nursing Instructor

Great class -Thanks
Aleta Campbell-Alexander, RN/College of Southern Nevada Nursing Instructor

This course was concise & well done. Nice teacher emphasized main points. Confident & concise. It is the second time I've taken it here.
Pamela Call, MSN, RN/Lecturer Nevada State College Nursing Program

The course was enjoyable and the instructor was fantastic. His teaching made me relax and learn the necessary steps with CPR. The building and rooms were neat and clean with the temperature at the right degree. Give this place a chance, you'll be glad you did. 
Donna A. Enrico, MBA, MHA, BSN, RN/College of Southern Nevada Nursing Instructor

The class was very efficient and I learned the current practices. I highly recommend taking taking this course.
Jana Nerz, RN, MSN/Kaplan College Nursing Instructor

Excellent class-decreased anxiety for class with teaching methods.
Cathy, RN/Lecturer Nevada State College Nursing Program

Excellent course! Well organized. Tom is a fabulous instructor.
Eileen Bauer, RN, NP/Lecturer Nevada State College Nursing Program

Very well done. You made BLS come alive.
June Eastridge, MSN, RN, CNE/Lecturer Nevada State College Nursing Program

Appreciated the thoroughness of covering the critical aspects of CPR.
Randy Lynos, MSN, BSN, RN /College of Southern Nevada Nursing Instructor

This class was very thorough and informative. 2nd time here and still a great class.
Marcia Clevesy, NP, MSN, /UNLV Lecturer Obstetric Nursing

This was my 2nd visit, thanks.
Avis Mucha, MSN/Ed, RN /College of Southern Nevada Nursing Instructor

Excellent program will be back in two years.
Kathleen Menasche, CNM, DNP, MSN, RN /Roseman University Nursing Instructor

This is probably the best BLS class that I can remember taking. Excellent instructor, facilities, & staff. Instructor was terrific! 
Judy Z-P. APN

Tom is especially dedicated to sharing his knowledge & ensuring that his students understand the material. He is dedicated to saving lives & this shines through in his teaching abilities. He is motivating & inspiring as he incorporates his caring personality into his classes. Every student is engaged in the entire  learning experience even the quiet ones. This is my second time here & I highly recommend Prism CPR. 
Marguerite L. PA

I have been coming to Tom's class for about 10 years now. He is the only one I will come to. He is very professional, thorough and fun. Thanks for sharing your passion with us!
Rasheeda J. CNA

I have been attending BLS courses since 1978, this was the best class I have experienced. The instructor has a way of delivering the subject matter that made it very easy & enjoyable to learn and retain. I really enjoyed the hands on process and group participation. Not boring at all.
Ingred M. RN

Excellent, very through course. I am an ACLS instructor and benefited from this class. Excellent presentation.
Dawn L. RN

This class is awesome. I did my initial certification with Tom when I first entered nursing school. I now am a registered nurse and happily took my recert with Tom. In 2 years I will be back.
Constance P. RN

The class fit all medical levels of the employees, from very knowledgeable to novice. Very interesting and kept the class interesting and flowed very well.
James B/Nevada Ortho & Spine

Found the class very educational. This is my third time back and enjoyed the CPR class each and every time. Great positive information from instructor and examples.
Karina S. PR Worker

I have been a nurse for 33 years. This class by far is the best CPR class I have ever taken. Instructor truly cares and it show! Thank you.
Eileen F.  LPN

I have taken this course at different locations & through AHA & ARC once a year for the past 6 years. This has been the most efficient & affordable one so far. I feel confident leaving this class & like that I can refresh at anytime for free. I will highly recommend.
Christine F. PTA

The instructor was very knowledgeable and had examples of real word experiences to tie into the training which helped the skills "stick."
Lisa L. RN

I've taken a military CPR course & an off brand CPR course & this has been the most extensive & well thought out class I've taken. Well done.
Janell N. Nursing Student

Best CPR course I ever took on CPR!! It will be my home source from now on!! THX Tom you were great!
Sharron M. RN

I've taken CPR classes since I was 14 years old, and this had to be the best and most informative class ever. Really appreciate it!
Theresa G. RN

What a great instructor! (Tom made CPR fun!) Class was so enjoyable for a change. Not Boring!
Tamara H.

I understood everything. Nice class, went by fast. Real hands on. Tom gets down to what you need to know.
Katherine B. CNA

This course is offered at a great price. It was one of the most comprehensive CPR courses I have ever taken. The instructor was friendly & I feel very well prepared for preforming CPR if needed.
Brianne L. Nursing Student

This was an excellent course! The instructor is very thorough & knowledgeable. He kept my attention the whole time! Thank you! I will be back!

Tom teaches a great BLS for Healthcare Provider course. He is able to tie skills into real world situation adding relevance to the material.
Nick G. EMT

The class was very thorough. This was the first CPR class where I had a lot of hands on training. Tom is a great instructor!
Jen R. RN

This is the first BLS class I actually enjoyed and fell as if I learned something. I feel very confident with what I learned today. A+ Teaching.
Jessica H. Radiology

Very good program. Learned new material even though I use most of these skills in my job. Tom is very easy to listen to.
Mary R. RN

I really enjoyed this class, being a nurse for so long you do this every two years & frequently use these skills day to day, it was refreshing to come in and learn something new.
Brooke P. LPN

Fantastic course! Even allowed my son to participate in hands on practices. Highly recommend to friends and family.
Brain S. Paramedic

Made me feel very comfortable. I asked a lot of questions and Tom made me feel comfortable, never made me feel stupid.
Barbara B. Phlebotomist

Excellent course. Tom was very informative & professional. I liked how he used personal experiences to show how important knowing CPR is.
Tamra S. Medical Student

The program really made me feel confident now in doing CPR and AED. The instructor explained very well and in an understandable manner what I need to learn, it really enhanced my learning experience. I will really recommend this training center to my friends & family. I had fun learning and enjoyed listening to him. Thank you Tom!
Joylyn J. LPN

Great course! Would recommend for everyone to take!
Michelle R. PA

Presentation / presenter moved through the material quickly & thoroughly - kept my interest throughout. Video presentation keeps all information standardized but embellishment by instructor very helpful / informative.
Leslie R. RN

Very thorough, I would send all my instructors to you for this course.
Chris C. Director of Operations

I enjoyed the class. I felt comfortable and didn't feel embarrassed if I got the answer wrong. I give it an A+.
Kellie W. MA

Tom was helpful to everyone who needed extra help. Really knows his stuff which enhanced my experience.
Chris P.

Great class! My children will be coming here next.
Lindi S. RN

The course was very interesting and clear, minimizing confusion about CPR in general. Tom is a great teacher & sticks to the subject, making the amount of information easier to retain.
Sarah G.

This was such a great course, I was pleasantly surprised and will be back and recommend people.
Leslie K. Nursing Student

I enjoyed this course as it was efficient and effective. Also, Tom provided additional real-world practical advice that made me think beyond the basics. In comparison to my previous class, this was more educational.
Heather C. Pharmacist

Class is straight to the point. Instructor keeps it interesting. No long pauses or breaks so you stay interested. I like how each student gets their own mannequin so you don't have to share.
Withheld RN

The instructor was straight to the point. Will def. recommend this CPR class to everyone.
Sophia C.

I liked how we didn't just watch a video. We stopped in between and skills and concepts were further explained.
Courtney J.

Tom is awesome, I've taken this class 3 times and I learned things I didn't know!
Katie J. MT

Very serious about life saving and builds confidence in students. Awesome class.

Very professional but relaxed environment. Great class! I feel even more confident after this class.
Christine K.

Tom is an excellent instructor. He created a very comfortable learning environment, and I would definitely take a course from him again!
Rupa P. RN

The instructor was really professional and I enjoyed the class very much. It was not boring at all and all the information he gave was very informative. I recommend the class if anyone is looking for a good C.P.R. class for healthcare workers. I plan on coming back to re-certify.
Mary T. RN

I liked the home feel to the classroom. Less stress.
Becky C. APN

Very effective in getting info across. Very easy to retain info because of his communication skills & knowledge. Thank you.
Steve L.

I very much appreciate you telling people what to expect if they have to perform CPR and may get crunching of bones. It is very unsettling to experience & not expect it.
Celeste C.

Class was neat and clean. Instructor was very clear and all and all Prism made CPR training very easy to understand.
Shannon G. RN